FERRANDEZ DESPACHO JURIDICO S.L.P is a professional firm which was established in 2004 by the lawyer Antonio Rafael Ferrández García, who has been in practice since 1989. He is also the second generation of lawyers in the family, with an office in Cartagena. Mr. Pedro Ferrández Flores, a lawyer who is no longer in practice, began to work in Law in 1959, reconciling this profession with his other job in a credit and savings company.

In Ferrández Despacho Jurídico we understand that law is, primarily and for a client, a provision of services and, as such, is an activity developed around the customer. Our clients are a part of our office, a part that gives us value as Law professionals. Our clients describe and identify us.

For ten years we have been working in a specific area, dedicated to foreign nationals who come to live in Spain temporarily or on permanent basis, and have been dealing with their specific needs, problems and solutions. Our work includes anything from giving advice on buying and selling real estate, wills and inheritances, tax liabilities and economic activities, to judicial proceedings in connection with the other areas of the office.